final post: photography and my future

after xavier, i am going to go to embry riddle aeronautical university where i plan to major in aerospace engineering with a concentration in astronautics; or in other words: rocket science. rocket science in itself does not require much art. yes, there are drawings and diagrams, but after high school i will no longer take classes such as hand-throwing pottery or advanced darkroom photography. no matter how far i get from a photography class i do know that i will always have my camera and my excitement and love for photography. i love taking these fine art classes because they are something i am truly interested in and, although i will not be pursuing them in my career, i know that they will always be a factor in my day to day life.

i plan on taking my 35mm nikon to college and some film. i know that in between studying and school, taking a walk or showing some people an actual film camera will be a nice break. i know of places that will develop my film for me, and having the physical photos is another bonus. i put my pictures all in a binder so that when i am older and no longer have my phone with its 1,394 pictures on it, i will still have mementos to reminisce on and to pass down. i love photography and am sad to leave the class behind, but i know that no matter where i end up, i will always have my camera and the world to photograph.

below are some of the pictures that i have taken that i am the most proud of.

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