lifestyle photography’s: falling

lifestyle photography is the art of capturing people’s daily life in everyday situations to develop a story of the subject’s environment and situation. the theme of my series is falling. falling can pertain to the action of falling, the absence of falling, being still, or plummeting. it can describe falling from a pedestal, falling asleep, a falling leaf, or falling in love. the photos below are depictions of the lifestyle of such a radically different culture and my falling in love with the surroundings. the photos below are, in order, the opening photo of graffiti in the cologne cathedral saying fear no art, next is the airplane ride into germany, the aachen cathedral in germany, a street in liege in belgium, a war housing building in aachen, a man standing near the opening of a war museum in liege in belgium, the cologne cathedral with a sun circle, the top view from the cathedral of cologne, from inside a bell tower in the cathedral looking up at another column of the cologne cathedral, the inside of the cologne cathedral, a cutout of the cathedral from the tallest column, the sunsetting landscape view of the city square in the netherlands, a war fort in belgium, the view of the city center in köingsalle (dusseldorf), and two people strolling down a street in maastricht.

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i had a hard time trying to figure out how to show a lifestyle with the prompt of falling. i researched different forms of falling and the idea of falling in love with a lifestyle really resonated with me. i instantly thought of the photos i took in germany. these photos are very special to me, and i am glad to share them. the lifestyle of europeans differs so drastically from the american lifestyle, and i hope that everyone will be able to see that from my photos and fall in love with the area as i did. by creating this body of work, i have realized that everyone experience life and an individual lifestyle in their own unique way. with the right perspective and open mind, every lifestyle can be viewed and appreciated by every person as the beautiful collaboration that it is. that’s what i hope people gain from viewing these photos, a love for something so unique, and so beautiful; life.

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