blog post #5; the ‘already done’ series

this series of work took as much thought and consideration as any of my other projects, but this series needed no time to be allotted to the shooting of the photos. as hinted by the name of this post, and series, the pictures that i have chosen were ‘already done’. in that sense, i already shot the pictures prior to this series assignment. actually, i shot these pictures before enrolled in this class.

below are the seven pictures that i am very proud of and gathered together under a common theme for viewers to see also.

all of the pictures above have a common theme of nature. this theme of nature extends throughout the photos without taking away from the individuality and differentiating settings of each picture. i enjoy, personally, photographing nature, especially up close, because it allows for one to appreciate more so the beauty and intricacy of nature and what it puts forth for us to see.

from this series i hope that people will gain a greater appreciation for nature and realize that there is a lot more to the surface of our earth than we think. furthermore, if people just stop and smell… or even look closely at the roses, they will be astonished at the depth they can find in their surroundings.

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