blog post 2. a dream assignment

i came up with 10 ideas for dream assignments that would be ideal to be assigned for me. the 10 ideas/ themes i chose were.

  1. strangers.
    • go around taking pictures of strangers in the city to capture natural and candid beauty
  2. at home.
    • take photos of family members cooking, doing work, laughing, watching tv, reading, et cetera to capture the unnoticed beauty of everyday life
  3. absence.
    • photograph daily activities with one noticeable object missing
  4. light.
    • play with the element of light in ever picture to create a significant effect
  5. black and white.
    • take color pictures of monotoned or gray scaled objects
  6. human’s nature.
    • capture the degradation of the environment from human action
  7. working.
    • go to a workplace and take portraits of the more under appreciated employees (id est the maintenance staff in a hospital)
  8. reflections.
    • take pictures of objects in a reflection from any source such as water or glass
  9. reactions.
    • take portraits of people as you tell them something that will evoke a noticeable reaction
  10. unexpected.
    • find something unexpected in a setting; exempli gratia a flower growing out of the cracks of a busy sidewalk

i had never done themes like the previously mentioned and therefore the excitement of a new focus would be a dream for me.

i am stuck with the card ‘beauty’ for this assignment. the word ‘beauty’ is a very versatile word that can be used in photography under many different themes and ideas. i plan to interpret this card using my themes from idea one and five. i will take pictures of strangers in a very monotone setting to capture their individuality and beauty without risking the background taking attention away from the subject. finding beauty in everyone every where that may be otherwise overlooked or unappreciated is the goal of the theme of my series.

for this series i plan to go to downtown phoenix where there is a plethora of people running around not paying attention to the people next to them. there i plan to capture a person or people in a beautiful candid state (reading, walking, laughing, et cetera) also following the theme of monotony to ensure focus on the subject rather than the surroundings. i hope this series will lead me to appreciate the beauty in every one a little bit more and even come to the self realization that i have unexpected beauty in everything i do that i should not degrade or deny. i hope that the viewers of this series will also experience the same and appreciate the people around them, strangers or otherwise, and understand that everyone is beautiful. having people understand that everyone is beautiful, acknowledging that no one should ever be degraded or over looked, and that there is beauty in everything is a beautiful thing.

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